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  • Tin Man

    Jun 17 2013

    Man of Steel is perfectly entertaining, with a shirtless and bearded Henry Cavill for the ladies, and enough whiz-bang explosions to nicely round out the movie’s last half-hour. It’s exactly the kind of spectacle that pulls in enough money to ensure the mortgages are paid in perpetuity on the solid-gold houses. But Superman kills a […]

  • Like a Twit…

    Mar 26 2011

    “Sucker Punch = godawful. It was like my eyes got taken out back and forced to watch my brain get shot in its face.” I wrote this on my Twitter. It’s the Twitter equivalent of criticism which, in its own way, can never be anything other than a sucker punch. People worked long and hard […]

  • Bravo, Green Hornet!

    Jan 15 2011

    Green Hornet was a largely unremarkable film. I knew that coming in, more or less. Seth Rogan is no great American actor. He’s not even very good. He has his one character, and I guess he plays it dutifully, the sort-of slacker guy who’s kind of smarmy and who, if you ever met him in […]

  • Go Ask Alice …

    Sep 12 2010

    I went to see Resident Evil today, fully expecting at least a trainwreck and came away satisfied. They piled extra trains for this one, loaded them all up onto one track and then made a good show of running them, full speed, at one another. The film is a series of endless nonsensical moments punctuated […]

  • Salt, With Popcorn

    Jul 25 2010

    I’m going to have to come right out and spoil Salt for everyone. I can do this because I honestly believe no one, including me, reads this blog. I can also do this because I am attempting to become a better human being, and by ruining this movie for everyone, I am performing a valuable […]

  • That’s Not A Real Movie…

    Jun 4 2010

    Understand I have nothing against the people who made, say, Soul Plane. I am sure they are all of them fine, upstanding folk. I just don’t believe Soul Plane is, in fact, a real movie. It’s astounding how many times I’ll be sitting in some movie theater somewhere, accosted by previews for films that simply […]