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  • Second to the right, Shemp, and straight on …

    Nov 14 2011

    My friend Shemp died today, sitting on the veterinarian’s table. Mom held him while he fell asleep, the final kindness. I’m sorry, Shemp. I’m so sorry. And I’ve used up all my words, a 15-year stream of curses, exclamations, inanities you only babble to cats, prayers, confessions, well wishes, and random musings — thousands of […]

  • The Last Days of Shemp

    Sep 23 2011

    Shemp is a bad old cat. Shemp is also a friend. I don’t have many friends in this world. It’s sad when a grown man has to cite a cat as a friend, but this is a sad sentiment for a sad day. Shemp has cancer. We got Shemp a lifetime ago. I lived in […]