17 2013

Man of Steel is perfectly entertaining, with a shirtless and bearded Henry Cavill for the ladies, and enough whiz-bang explosions to nicely round out the movie’s last half-hour. It’s exactly the kind of spectacle that pulls in enough money to ensure the mortgages are paid in perpetuity on the solid-gold houses.

But Superman kills a guy, and he’s just so ridiculously dumb I winced at the thought of this idiot as the world’s protector.

I guess we want our heroes to be like us. We’ve made icons out of some gross, stupid, vulgar, and no-talent individuals.We’re not worth writing home about and hey! neither are our heroes. Even the super ones.

It’s perfectly understandable this Superman stays and fights in urban areas, yelling at the innocent people to stay indoors and be protected from explosions and all manner of flying debris by the walls of their (figurative) mud huts. And I’m not surprised this Clark Kent stands idly by and lets his father be killed because saving someone’s life is less important than keeping his identity intact. This is a Superman for all of us; I believed a man could fly and that, sure, he’d snap a neck because it was expedient.

And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man like him.” — The Crash Test Dummies

No smarter, no more noble than you are...

No smarter, no more noble than you are…

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