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  • My Friend Marc

    Nov 25 2012

    I remember Marc. We’re dancing in a tiny, partially enclosed room — Wizard: The Comics Magazine’s copy editors. Our tormentors are away. They positioned their desks so they could spy on us with impunity, but they can stop neither the rhythm nor the funk. We are free and alive, and the music is glorious. They […]

  • Buried, Maybe Alive…

    Sep 25 2010

    I don’t want this to become a movie blog. I go to the movies a lot and, unfortunately, it’s the safest thing I can write about. Monsterville is a strange and weird place, but I’m not sure how much I should be sharing. Out in the real world, I am horribly secretive, and although it’s […]

  • Days in Monsterville…

    Jun 1 2010

    In which I introduce Days in Monsterville.