08 2010

It had been my earnest intention to hold the news until both Fox and the Cartoon Network aired the four-hour documentary on the life of times of me, Greg Orlando, but this certainly cannot wait. Rather like the news that Lindsay Lohan did something, somewhere, news of this magnitude cannot be allowed to simmer, to breathe.

I would like to announce that today Jeff Pearlman, author, and a man who once placed a cheeseburger on the grave of Elvis Presley, will hereby be signing with this very Web site. This means that in addition to fart jokes supplied at irregular intervals, there will also be references to Hall and, possibly, Oates.

It is as if nuts and gum or perhaps Peaches and Herb were thrown together all over again. At once, the world can rest easy knowing that Days in Monsterville, with its infrequent non-sequiturs and veiled threats aimed at cereal companies and talentless prop comic and former human  Carrot Top, will now stab at relevance or, at bare minimum, punctuation. Fans of this blog can also expect many, many references to Pearlman, his awesomeness, and that time that he once had a sandwich.

As news of this news grows it will, no doubt, consume us all. How could we not be consumed by Pearlman, his great works, and his humanitarian efforts in teaching us all to love love.

It is a great day for you, the little people. It is a magnificent day in Monsterville. More to the point: It is, as it always is, a super-awesome day to be this guy.

Do not presume to know the mind of Pearlman! It is not for you to know!

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