24 2010

We took photos today, photos for the whimsical two-penny broadsheet PlayStation: The Official Magazine. And because I was stupid enough to volunteer to write the “Greg’s mom” feature for this issue, they plopped me on a stool, sprayed water in my face, draped a towel partially over my head, and told me to look sad.

It wasn’t hard. Not at all. It’s recess everywhere but in my heart.

I digress; “Greg’s mom,” is the codename for our monthly stupid feature. Not that my mom is stupid or anything. We try to have one Greg’s mom in every issue, and this time I had stupidly volunteered to play video games for 24 hours straight and then write about it. I have had better ideas, trust me.

So we posed me on a stool, and my co-worker Roger wore a bowling shirt and pretended to be a cornerman to my sad, worn-out boxer. The pictures will appear in the next issue of the magazine. I suspect people will laugh when they see Roger in the magazine. He really did an excellent job of emoting, making goofy faces, and generally being the best pretend cornerman there ever was. (No offense to Burgess Meredith.)

Oddly, it wasn’t the first time I’d posed as a model for a publication. Years ago, I was featured in ToyFare magazine. The editors did a story about how to get a job in the toy industry and, in a genuine WTF moment, elected to illustrate it by having me lie down amid a huge pile of action figures. The photographer “Peerless” Paul Schiraldi, who would listen to any cockamamie shoot idea and then nod and smile before telling you, “I can shoot that,” was in fine form that day. I didn’t look all that bad. On that day, in that light, it was almost possible to sell my squishy, pallid self as a real working model.

Yes, I AM a model.

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  1. Tracey Says:

    I want to see photos of these things. Otherwise, they didn’t happen.

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